Open Source Projects

Contributions of COMPAL to the Open Source Community

Routing-Extension for FwBuilder

FwBuilder is a throughout OO-modeled graphical firewall-rule editor, provided by it's authors Vadim Kurland & Vadim Zaliva as an Open Source product. It's consistent re-usability of single, grouped or hierarchically structured network objects (hosts, IPs, ports, interfaces, ...) greatly simplifies the firewall configuration management for networks of any size.

We enriched this tool with an often needed functionality: An add-on for managing routing configurations on the Linux based netfilter/iptables platform. All objects like networks and IP addresses used for the firewall policy can now consistently be re-used for routing setup. Our work is now included in the FwBuilder since official version 2.1.

Dia: UML-View

Dia is an open source tool for creation of diagrams. In this program we have improved the displaying options of class objects in UML diagrams, which ameliorates significantly the overall appearance and page layout of class diagrams and so greatly improves the useabily of this tool.