Our Guidelines

By guidelines we mean principles and virtues which stand behind any action and which are reflected in any business process. We have embraced the following:


"A business is only a good business if it is a good business for both parties."
Only if both parties are pleased they will be interested to continue the business connection. This will in turn be of use for the other one. That may mean as well: "Not cheap but worth the money".

"Not only promise but keep the promise."  Rash and full-bodied promises will lead to disappointment and probably trouble and costs later on. Carefully placed goals may be outperformed however. We think more of that.

"The new thing is not better only because it is newer." Unfortunately blind belief in progress is quite common in the IT-milieu. Well proven things may also be retained, one can gently build up upon. Evolution instead of revolution. Sometimes however it will be better to cut-off outmoded concepts. You must take a double look and know the do's and don'ts.

"The expensive thing is not better only because it is more expensive or it bears a famous name." Products from well-known or market dominating manufacturers are frequently offered at excessive prices. We prefer high-valued free software wherever possible.

"KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid". The plain, clear and therefore transparent solution is often the better one because it is more reliable, better maintainable, more stable, more oeconomic. Important to conceptual design or selection of products.