Data Backup And Recovery

"Once each week, all my important data gets onto a CD" - that's certainly better than not having any backup at all, but are you sure you didn't miss anything important, and how many months ago you've burned the last CD?

Efficient Data BackUp Strategies

What's your backup strategy? What's the schedule, is it realistic, sufficient? - If you loose for example some of your correspondence or accounting data, your business gets at least severely lowered, or maybe totally interrupted. Such a loss of data may have different reasons, ranging from accidental deletion to hardware failure. Then you better have good backups!

COMPAL experts advise you on which data has to be backed up and how it can be done in a reasonable manner, and then we implement it in a way that suits your needs. We consider important criteria, such as: frequency of data changes, the maximum time gap for which a data loss is acceptable, and last but not least, easy recoverability of single files.

We focus on backup systems which do their work without user intervention (such as changing disks or tapes), so you do not run into danger of loosing sight of your backups as long as all your computers run fine...

If you are not sure whether all important data in your company gets backed up adequately, or if you already planned to renew your backup strategy, then don't hesitate to contact us!